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Hi, Doll!
I'm Sarah

Holistic stylist specializing in organic color and hair loss solutions for fine hair

I am obsessed with clean beauty, wish we still dressed as they did in the 1940s, can give you easy style tips as a busy lady with fine hair wanting to look modern and polished, and will rarely say no to a gluten-free cupcake!

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“The thing I love most about being a hairstylist is seeing the confidence build as my clients regrow hair, heal from scalp issues, or experience color again after having stopped using traditional chemicals. Hair doesn’t have to hold you can be fun again!


If you sit in my chair, plan to feel empowered with knowledge and a plan of action, even if you’ve tried everything and think nothing will work for you. I make healthy hair fun and attainable!”

I became a hairstylist because I fell in love with movies as a kid and wanted to work in the film industry. I quickly realized that my true passion was in building real connections with people and being in the salon was much more fulfilling. I have learned so much and grown as a person thanks to the women in my chair.


After battling severe autoimmune issues I am fueled by my passion for holistic wellness and healthy living. I’m a mom to a brilliant and hilarious young woman. She astounds me every day with her drive and dedication. When I'm not in the salon you'll find me hiking with my pup, swing dancing, or spending quality time with my friends.


Having ultra-fine hair and struggling with hair loss myself, it was difficult to find a stylist that understood how to work with my hair and I often felt disregarded. I know firsthand that a salon can be an intimidating place when you're self-conscious about your hair. It's my mission to provide you with a comfortable space and to support you on the journey to healing your hair and scalp issues.

I can't wait to meet you!

- Sarah

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