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Hair Loss Treatments

In-salon Treatment





Hair Loss/Scalp Treatment Consult: this appointment is a combination of consultation and scalp analysis. I will look at your scalp under a microscope to determine which treatment is appropriate and determine our best course of action...30min $72

In-Salon Treatment: Highly concentrated organic scalp treatment for hair loss. Designed to strengthen the hair bulb and stimulate dermal papillae to induce new hair growth and prevent hair loss...60-90min 

10-12 sessions packages starting at $1243

Financing Available

At Home Treatment

Day 1

6 months

Home Treatment: Like the in-salon treatment, it strengthens the hair bulb and stimulates dermal papillae to induce new hair growth and prevent hair loss but in a less concentrated formula safe for frequent use. (Due to the more gentle nature of the formulations the regrowth process will take longer)...$139+

Virtual Home Treatment Consult: For non-local clients only. If you're interested in home treatment for hair loss but unable to see me in person feel free to email me to schedule a virtual consultation over Zoom. We will discuss your hair loss journey, determine which products will be most appropriate for you, and set you up for home delivery...30min $47+


***Success of treatment depends on the underlying cause of hair loss and varies from person to person.

Scalp Detox

Exfoliating Scalp Detox: Over time, excess skin, sebum, and product residues build up on the scalp. This can lead to irritation, flaking, oiliness, and weakening of the hair follicles. This exfoliating scalp treatment restores the scalp to its optimum condition...60 min $115+


Scalp Detox 2_edited.jpg


Custom Scalp Treatments

Biodynamic Scalp Treatments: Custom blended to address various scalp maladies such as dandruff, excess sebum production, and sensitivity...90min 

6-8 session packages starting at $927

Financing Available


*Consultation and Scalp analysis are required before booking treatments


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