Color Services

Root Retouch

Root Touch Up: Root color up to 2" off the scalp & a blow-dry...2.25hrs $125+

Express Retouch: As quick as it gets with grey coverage! I will apply your all-over root color, let you process for 45 minutes, shampoo and condition, towel dry, and you're on your way...1hr $115+ 

Grey Coverage & Balayage: Add dimension and brightness to your retouch for grey coverage with a quick balayage applied during processing. Get beautifully blended color and refresh your look in almost the same amount of time...2.5hrs $225+

All Over Color

All Over Color: One color (permanent, demi-permanent, or semi-permanent) applied from roots to ends & a blow-dry. Only for clients going from light to dark or wanting to stay the same depth but add shine and tone...2hrs $185+

Toner Refresh: All over blonde, balayage, or highlights looking less than shiny? Has the color turned warm but you're not ready for a retouch? Time for a toner refresh! Does not include a blow-dry...1hr $105 

Color Correction: Corrective service to fix hair color tones such as removing box color or henna. Necessary to make a major change from dark chemically processed hair to lighter hair color. A consultation is required prior to scheduling...3-6hrs+ $125/hr 

Mini Highlights

Mini Highlight: Highlights around the entire hairline or along the part line and framing the face includes a customized gloss & a blow-dry...1.5hrs $155+ 

Mini Highlight & Root Touch Up: Highlights around the entire hairline or along the part line and framing the face, root retouch, gloss & a blow-dry

...2hrs $215+ 

Mini Highlight & All Over Color: Highlights around the entire hairline or along the part line and face-framing, the rest of the hair will be colored from roots to ends, finished with a customized gloss & a blow-dry...2.5hrs $265+ 

Partial Highlights

Partial Highlight: Partial foil, gloss & a blow-dry...2hrs $215+ 

Partial Highlight & Root Touch Up: Partial foil, root retouch, gloss & a blow-dry...2.5hrs $265+ 

Partial Highlight & All Over Color: All over permanent or semi-permanent color with partial highlights covering approximately 1/2 of the head with customized gloss, cut/trim & blow-dry...3hrs $315+ 

Full Highlights

Full Highlight: Full foil, gloss & a blow-dry...2.5hrs $265+ 

Full Highlights & Root Touch Up: Full foils, retouch, gloss & blow-dry ...3hrs $315+ 

Full Highlight & All Over Color: Full highlights, the remainder of hair will be colored roots to ends, finished with a customized gloss & a blow-dry

...3.5hrs $365+ 

Balayage & Dimensional Color

Balayage: Full balayage includes Olaplex & customized gloss, cut/trim & a blow-dry...3-6hrs $325+ 

Balayage And Root Smudge: Full balayage includes Olaplex, customized gloss, root smudge, cut/trim & a blow-dry...3-6hrs $365+    

Root Melt And Glaze Refresh: Not ready for more highlights or balayage but need a little something? This will refresh your look and have you feeling fabulous! Includes a blow-dry...1.5hr $185+ 

Dimensional Color Melt: Adds dimension to light brunettes & blondes or blends down roots on previously highlighted or balayaged hair. Includes a blow-dry...2.5hrs $225+ 

What's different about our color?

My color lines work just like traditional hair color while being free of harmful chemicals and common irritants. You will notice during your service there is no fragrance in the air and no lingering scent on your hair when your appointment is complete.

All prices listed are starting points based on the standard amount of product needed to perform that service. The price will change if more color is needed or a treatment is required.