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What to Expect As A New Guest

The experience begins as soon as you submit your digital consultation form and request your first appointment. I will review your information within 48 hours Tuesday through Saturday and approve the appointment or email you with follow-up questions. The day before your appointment you'll receive an email with instructions for parking and check-in on the day of your visit. Keep an eye on your inbox and spam folder for messages from

On the day of your visit, you'll find your way to the Salon Lofts at The Bowie condominiums, diagonally across 5th St from Whole Foods in downtown Austin. There is a small Visitor's Parking lot at the Bowie which you are welcome to use and the Bowie's concierge will validate your parking for up to three hours. You'll walk through the lobby of the Bowie and exit through their front door. To your right is the front entrance of the Lofts. You'll also find paid street parking available around the building or utilize the Whole Foods underground lot. In this case, you'll see the front door of the Lofts directly to the left of the Bowie front entrance.

Once you've arrived you will enter through the front door of the Salon Lofts and check in on your phone through the Vagaro app, which will notify me that you're here. Once my room has been fully sanitized and prepped for you, you will receive a message that I am ready for you. Since this is your first visit, sit tight and I'll come out to greet you and show you to my room.

If you're here for a color consultation, we'll discuss your hair history and any concerns you may have. Then we'll look at any ispo pics you've chosen and talk about your immediate and long-term goals. I may perform a patch test to determine any sensitivities and/or a test strand to make sure your goal for color is appropriate for your current hair condition and color status. From here, we will discuss the best way to move forward, which products, and how much maintenance is required for your chosen color. And finally, I'll get you scheduled for your first color appointment.

If you're here for a hair loss or scalp analysis, we will begin by discussing the history of the challenge you're here seeking treatment for. I want to know what's happening, how it all started, and how it's affecting you. Then I'll view your scalp and hair under a microscope and take some pictures to save for comparison down the road. From here I will determine the best course of action, create a treatment schedule and payment plan (if needed), and set you up with the appropriate home care products.

If you're here for a haircut, we will begin with a thorough consultation, look at any inpo pics you have selected and determine the best cut and style to suit both your hair and your lifestyle. You'll settle into the shampoo bowl for a deep cleanse and soothing conditioning treatment coupled with relaxing scalp stimulation. We will finish by styling and taking a few photos. I'll suggest the ideal maintenance schedule and appropriate care and styling products for your new look.

I have Wifi, bottled or sparkling water, pour-over coffee, organic teas, gluten-free snacks, phone chargers, and more to keep you comfortable during your appointment. For longer visits, feel free to bring your headphones, laptop, book, snacks, or anything else you may need. 

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